Monday, January 24

Guadeloupe: “autonomy is certainly not independence”, reformulates the Minister of Overseas Territories

In his speech on Friday night, the Minister of Overseas Affairs relaunched the debate by raising the issue around the autonomy of Guadeloupe, while the island has been plagued by violence for about ten days. However, Sébastien Lecornu provided more details in an interview with the JDD on 28 November.

“Autonomy is certainly not independence” underlined the Minister of Overseas Territories, before adding, “that it already exists for certain overseas communities to varying degrees. », Taking Polynesia as the most advanced example.

Sébastien Lecornu also explains that “if the government does not propose a statutory change, it cannot deny that this aspiration has largely emerged on the ground, in its relationship with the state and in Paris”. Transparent, the minister says “prefer a frank debate on this issue than fake ones.”

However, with regard to the vaccination obligation, it remains clear on the differentiations of health policies in the West Indies and refuses the “double talk”. He therefore recalls “that not applying this law according to the departments, amounts to asking that the West Indians be less well protected than in France”.

Autonomy, a controversial subject

As a reminder, Sébastien Lecornu had argued that the government was “ready to raise the issue of more autonomy if that could help solve the real problems of the daily life of Guadeloupe”.

A proposal which had reacted in the wake, in particular the opposition of the right and the far right, which accused “the Republic of yielding and of retreating in the face of violence”. Perceived as a setback and a drop, according to Marine Le Pen, the RN candidate for the 2022 presidential election, it is “an attempt to buy the radical separatists”.

As for the Antilles, the question of autonomy is not the most important, since it “does not appear in the main demands”. Moreover, some inhabitants do not hesitate to catalog this idea of ​​”cinema, bluffing, even being off topic”, a way according to them, to divert attention to “save time”.

The Minister of Overseas Territories is expected this Sunday, November 28 in the West Indies. He will go first to Guadeloupe then to Martinique, where tensions seem to have eased during the night from Saturday to Sunday. According to Sébastien Lecornu’s entourage, “the dialogue between hospital staff and unvaccinated firefighters should continue”.

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