Monday, January 24

Omicron variant: here are the new instructions to follow for contact cases

Qualified as “worrying” by the World Health Organization (WHO), the new variant Omicron worries. If no case has yet been detected in France, the health authorities have already established a new protocol in the event of infection.

First reported in South Africa on November 24, the Omicron variant has already been detected in several European countries including Great Britain, Germany and Italy. Its identification in France is “a matter of hours, very probably”, according to the Minister of Health Olivier Véran.

Faced with this new health risk, the government is playing the card of caution. “All the researchers are hard at work to see if this variant presents elements that should worry us. When in doubt, we act as if this variant was dangerous, “said Olivier Véran, for whom Omicron is” at least as contagious as the Delta “.

As a result, a new, stricter protocol is put in place in the event of infection. Thus any contact person of another person who tests positive for the Omicron variant should be considered as a “high risk” contact case and should be quarantined even if they are vaccinated.

A stricter protocol than for all the other variants

Currently, in France, a contact case who is fully vaccinated and who is not immunocompromised is not forced into isolation if his test is negative.

A person who is not fully vaccinated or who is immunocompromised must, on the other hand, observe isolation for 7 days from the date of the last risky contact with the positive person. If it is a relative with whom she lives, she must isolate herself either 7 days after the end of the sick person’s symptoms, or 17 days after the date of onset of symptoms (or after the date of the test. for asymptomatic patients), specifies Health Insurance.

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