Tuesday, January 18

Presidential 2022. Le Pen calls on Zemmour to join his candidacy to beat Macron

The RN candidate for the Elysée Marine Le Pen this Sunday called the polemicist Eric Zemmour to join his candidacy, believing that he was not in a position to beat Emmanuel Macron in the presidential election of 2022.

“In general, the transformation from polemicist into presidential candidate has not happened,” she told the LCI / RTL / LeFigaro grand jury. He “does not seem very comfortable in this exercise,” she added, referring to the rowdy trip of the polemicist to Marseille which ended with an exchange of fingers of honor with a resident.

Eric Zemmour, who could announce his candidacy for the Elysee Palace in the next few days, embarked on the pre-campaign in September “on a promise which was to be able to beat Emmanuel Macron and therefore to bring together more people than me. This promise, today, clearly, it is not kept, “she added.

I think the national family has the opportunity to win

“Yes, of course,” replied Ms. Le Pen to the question “do you call Eric Zemmour to join you?”. “It is now clear that if he is not a candidate, I would be ahead of Emmanuel Macron in the first round. Given the fact that in the second I am given 46%, I think that the national family has the possibility of winning “, she added, in reference to the last Ifop-Fiducial poll published Sunday in the JDD.

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According to her, Eric Zemmour “does not add any additional value to our ideas. I therefore believe that it is time to bring together now”.

Marine Le Pen also indicated that the candidate for the LR nomination Eric Ciotti had proposals “which are very similar to ours”. “In the field of security, Eric Ciotti has a position, proposals, I know him, we have had to work together in the National Assembly in a number of committees, which are very similar to ours”, a- she justified.


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