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Variant Omicron: “I am in favor of anticipating and returning to teleworking as much as possible” explains Xavier Bertrand

“I am in favor of anticipating and returning to telework as much as possible,” said Xavier Bertrand this Sunday, November 28, guest of the Grand Rendez-Vous on CNEWS.

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To justify this opinion, the candidate for Primary LR believes that the return to telework “as much as possible” would avoid “significant risks of contagion” and thus anticipate “in the face of an epidemic which is not behind us”.

At the same time, Xavier Bertrand invited non-vaccinated people to take the leap in the face of the potential dangerousness of the new Omicron variant. “I tell those who are not vaccinated that with regard to this new variant, they are the most vulnerable”.

“The British border will no longer be in France”

While France and Great Britain are struggling to agree on the solution to be established in the face of the migration crisis, causing the death of 27 people in the Channel last Wednesday, Xavier Bertrand explained that he wanted to restore borders strict. “The British border will no longer be in France, but in the United Kingdom,” he added.

The president of the Hauts-de-France region wants to “denounce the Touquet agreements”, believing that “Boris Johnson and his government would never come to sit at the table of discussions”. As a reminder, the Touquet agreements, signed in February 2003, concern the surveillance of the border between France and the United Kingdom.

Restoring “hope” to the middle class

While he is running for the presidency of the Republic, Xavier Bertrand presented himself as a head of state “intractable with those who do not respect the laws, whatever their religion, their skin color or their first name” .

Wanting to be “the president of all”, Xavier Bertrand does not want to forget the middle classes, “the beating heart of French society” according to him. Believing that this class is asked for efforts but never receives the rewards, the former Minister of Labor under Nicolas Sarkozy wants to give them back “hope and prospects”, at the risk that “our country does not go further “.

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