Saturday, January 22

With “Civilization”, Orelsan achieves the best start of the year

Simple, basic: in just seven days, Orelsan has risen to the top of sales. The rapper’s fourth album, dubbed “Civilization”, sold more than 138,000 copies the week it was released on November 19.

This is the best musical start of the year. The record was until now held by “Beside you” of the Enfoirés, which had sold 118,000 copies in March.

But “Civilization” has shaken up all rankings. 138,929 copies were sold in one week, including 96,615 CDs, 38,894 streaming albums and 3,420 downloads, according to the National Union of Phonographic Publishing (Snep). By way of comparison, Adele’s new album, dubbed “30”, sold “only” 45,487 copies in France, while it was released on the same day as “Civilization”.

Already platinum record

By exceeding 100,000 sales, “Civilization” is therefore certified platinum from the first week. The album of the artist from Caen (Calvados) also attracts all the laurels in the rap category. Since the advent of streaming, the record for the best launch was held by “Deux Frères” (2019) of the PNL duo, with 113,214 copies sold in its first week.

However, Orelsan fails to outperform IAM. As recalled The Parisian, the group retains the title of the best startup in the history of French rap, with 100,000 copies of “L’École du micro” (1997) sold in just 24 hours.

Absent for four years, Orelsan took care of his return. His marketing campaign began in October, with the broadcast of “Never Show That To Anyone”, a documentary series produced by his brother, and describing the rise of the 39-year-old rapper.

Orelsan then hid five “golden tickets” in his records. These offer lifetime invitations for two to all of the artist’s concerts, excluding festivals. Finally, the publication of the single “The smell of gasoline” on Youtube on November 17 had the effect of a bomb: still number one in musical trends, the video now has more than 7 million views. . And judging by the content of “Civilization”, this success is well deserved.

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