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Money. Bonuses, aids and help: in December, you can receive more than 450 euros

Christmas bonus, inflation compensation, energy check … Several exceptional or annual aid should relieve the wallet of the French in December. What amount? Who is the beneficiary and especially when will they be paid? We take stock.

The exceptional energy check

To cope with the surge in energy prices, the government announced in September an exceptional expansion of the energy check.

Who is concerned ?

This additional aid will only benefit the 5.8 million households who have already been entitled to the energy voucher in 2021, sent this year in April according to the dispatch schedule by department.

Only households with a reference tax income per consumption unit (CU) of less than 10,800 euros benefit from the energy check. This eligibility threshold has been revised upwards in 2021. To verify your eligibility, a simulator is available online at

100 euros

Unlike the energy check distributed in the spring, the amount of which varies according to income and household composition, this time the boost will be 100 euros for all beneficiaries.

When ?

The check should be automatically distributed between December 13 and 22 in the mailboxes of the households concerned, just as they already automatically receive the conventional energy check on the basis of information transmitted by the tax services. No action is necessary to receive it.

Inflation allowance

Energy prices are not the only ones to have soared, fuel prices have also increased the bill for French households. In response, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced an “inflation allowance” for the poorest French. It is the “fairest, most efficient” solution, he argued, since it applies to all, those who go to work by car or not.

Who is concerned ?

This allowance will be paid to each French person who earns less than 2,000 euros net per month. The criterion is the income paid per person, not per household.

Employees, civil servants, the self-employed, the unemployed and even retirees are affected, making a total of 38 million people.

100 euros

Here too, the boost is 100 euros for everyone.

The Prime Minister compared this amount, to counteract inflation in general, to a sum of 80 euros which he assimilates to the bill, on average, for the increase in fuels over the year (based on 9 cents per liter more at the pump over the year and an average distance traveled by the French of 14,000 kilometers).

This aid will be exempt from taxes and social contributions.

When ?

The payment of this allowance will be made between December and February.

Employees in the private sector, self-employed workers and scholarship students will be the first to touch it in December.

Public officials, non-scholarship students receiving housing assistance, job seekers, recipients of social benefits and disabled people will receive it in January.

Retirees will be credited in February.

The beneficiaries will not have to take any action.

Employers are responsible for paying the compensation directly to their employees’ pay slips.

For the others, the executive specified the bodies tasked according to the status of the persons: the Urssaf for the self-employed, the pension funds for the retirees, the CROUS for the students, the employment center for the job seekers, the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA) for farmers and the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) for beneficiaries of minimum social benefits.

Christmas bonus

Unlike the two previous aids, this one is not exceptional. The Christmas bonus has been paid every end of the year, since 1998, by Pôle Emploi, CAF or MSA.

Who is concerned ?

This premium is automatically paid to beneficiaries of social minima. This applies to people who received in November or December, the Active Solidarity Income (RSA), the Specific Solidarity Allowance (ASS) the Retirement Equivalent Allowance (AER) or the flat-rate premium for resumption of activity.

The beneficiaries of Public Internship Remuneration (RPS) and Remuneration for Pôle Emploi Training (RFPE) are also concerned.

2 million households should be affected this year by the payment of this premium.

152.45 euros minimum

Its amount varies depending on the status of the beneficiary.

If you receive the RSA, the amount varies according to the composition of the household: 152.45 euros for a single person, 228.67 euros for a couple or a parent with a child, 274.41 euros for a household made up of three people. Larger families will receive 60 euros per additional child.

If you receive another benefit giving rise to the right to this premium, its amount is fixed regardless of the composition of the household: 152.45 euros.

When ?

No action is necessary to receive this aid. Its payment usually takes place around December 15.

If you do not receive your bonus before December 21, you can contact the organization concerned to let you know.

In total, some households could see their December purchasing power increase from 200 to more than 450 euros. Good news especially when we know that the

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