Sunday, May 22

Eric Ciotti: “I want to be the right-wing candidate who is no longer afraid, who has no taboos”

Eric Ciotti created a surprise this Thursday by arriving at the head of the LR nomination for the 2022 presidential election. He was the guest Laurence Ferrari in Punchline on CNEWS.

Stressing carrying a “project of rupture”, which embodies “the pride of the return of the right”, he assured to be “the only one to bring back to our political family the voters who left towards Madame Le Pen, who could be tempted by Eric Zemmour or even who went to Emmanuel Macron ”.

“I have always had confidence in the activists, whom I know, and also in the strength of the proposals that I brought forward, a project which carries very strong values ​​and ensures right-wing markers”.

Asked about his ability to become President of the Republic, he assured that yes, highlighting his political experience and his “knowledge of the French”. “The ideas that I embody are the only ones that can embody a French renaissance”.

“The candidate of this right who finds his voice, his strength”

“I want to be the candidate of this right which finds its voice, its strength, which is no longer afraid, which has no taboos, which assumes its strength, the defense of identity and freedom”, continued Eric Ciotti.

Asked about Eric Zemmour, he said to be the only one to bring back to The Republicans voters currently deporting to this competitor. He said he shared many analyzes with the latter, on the downgrading of France and the population change that is taking place.

He recalled resuming the measures of François Fillon on the economic plan, concerning the reduction in the number of civil servants or the end of inheritance rights.

He also announced that he wanted to propose a referendum as soon as he was elected, on issues such as migration quotas or blood rights. His first gesture, however, will be to lower taxes, he insisted.

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