Monday, January 17

A barge carrying radioactive materials will cross Belgium on Monday

A barge carrying lightly radioactive spare parts from the French nuclear power plant in Fessenheim, closed in 2020, will cross Belgium on December 6, the Federal Nuclear Control Agency (AFCN) announced on Friday. The boat is hermetically sealed and this transport does not present any danger to public health, assures the nuclear gendarme.

The boat left France on Thursday evening and will transit through Germany and the Netherlands before reaching our country on Monday morning from the north. It will then continue its navigation towards Ghent, Tournai, then Dunkirk. From there, the journey will continue to Sweden where the contaminated parts from the power plant’s steam generator will be processed. “The load is too large to be transported by road or rail, so it will be transported by boat,” said FANC. The Federal Agency went there to check the boat and an additional check will also be carried out on its arrival in Belgium. It is the very first time that radioactive material will cross our country on a river boat. The Federal Agency for Nuclear Control considers this first as an “important experiment” for the future dismantling of the nuclear power stations of Doel and Tihange.

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