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Advertiser content: Fjord N2.0: New highlight in a Norwegian clock adventure

This is the story of the bell-Askeladden from Western Norway who went to Switzerland and was captured. The way forward includes both Thor Hushovd and an international award. Fjord N2.0 is now being launched, the last chapter in the Bruvik adventure so far.

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15-year-old Rune Bruvik was on a family holiday in Switzerland. They lived with one of their father’s job contacts, who has a son of the same age.

– I will never forget the feeling I got when I saw his watch collection. All the details and nuances evoked something in me, he now remembers.

RUNE BRUVIK: The emotions that bells evoke are important to him.

Until then, Rune had never had a watch, nor had he ever sacrificed a thought in that direction. That a 15-year-old boy could come up with something like this was also completely foreign to him.

The young Swiss noticed Rune’s excitement. Besides, he thinks it was so nice with a visit from all over Norway that he gave Rune one of the watches as a gift. A black, with orange details.

Inspired by his wife

The road to his own clock mark was far from straight ahead. Rune trained as a physiotherapist in the Netherlands, and married in 2008. He was on a typical path towards establishing himself, that is.

But at the same time, interest in watches had grown stronger. And in fact it was at home that Rune found the inspiration to invest: he married a clothing designer, who sewed a lot himself. With that in mind, she managed to start her own clothing brand.

– It showed me that what may seem unattainable is actually possible. Imagine if I could ever make a watch?

They made the decision together, and the day after the wedding, the process began towards what we now know as Bruvik Time.

High technology in Switzerland

Rune of course traveled back to Switzerland to concretize his clock ideas. He talks about many rounds and detours:

– The watch industry is almost like the banking system!

But his design sketches were so exciting that he finally got a foothold with three manufacturers.

– I chose one that could deliver top mechanical movements, but also the opportunity to produce high-tech ceramics was important to me, says Rune.

Better than the first time

In the spring of 2009, Rune Bruvik will receive the first prototype of his custom watch on his wrist.

– The feeling then was actually even better than the one I got as a 15-year-old. There and then it gave me inspiration to keep going, he says.

And it came in handy, because the Norwegian watch industry is also conservative.

– I had to have at least two dealers to get into the press screening of Pro Tid. It worked out at the last minute, Rune remembers.

This evening in May 2009, Rune’s prototype became the center of attention. He could register six or seven dealers already that evening. The start of production was secured, and the entire first series was sold out before Christmas.

FIRST BRUVIK: Black started the clock adventure for Rune.

Hushovd wanted to help

The first clock gave a lot of publicity. One of those who noticed this at the time was the active professional cyclist and watch enthusiast Thor Hushovd.

– I thought this was stylish. So cool that a Norwegian tried his hand at the big watch world, says Hushovd.

CLOCK ENTHUSIAST: Thor Hushovd took an early interest in the clock ash ladle from Norway.

And while such big names are often pushed on offer with a lot of money involved, it was actually the opposite here.

– I contacted Rune, and asked what I could do to help him, Hushovd says.

It initially ended with Thor Hushovd buying a Black Gold for everyone on his team after the 2010 season.

FJORD: The first bell with water in the back lid – an authentic part of a Norwegian fjord.

Stage victory with the prototype of Fjord

The first meeting with Bruvik watches gave more flavor. In the Tour de France 2011 he rode with the prototype of the first Fjord clock on his arm.

On July 15, the 13th stage will take place against Lourdes. Despite the sharp rises, the combined riders were not willing to attack. Thor Hushovd fights with the break that is allowed to go.

In the technically demanding descents, he is in a class of his own, and drives in the lead that the climbing experts have secured upwards.

In the last kilometers towards the goal, “The Bull from Grimstad” is merciless: He comes alone to the finish, and stretches his arms in the air. On his left wrist he has the prototype of the first Bruvik Fjord.

This is how Thor Hushovd Bruvik’s adventure now sums up in 2021:

– Succeeding at cycling is about hard work over a long period of time. This also applies to the watch industry. It fascinates me that Rune has managed to establish his own watch brand.

Prototypes meet nature

Testing of prototypes is an important phase for Bruvik. Therefore, he himself travels to the areas the bells are inspired by. Here he knows nature, and is happy to adjust the last details before the watch goes into production.

– When I saw the mountainside on Svalbard up close, I realized that I had to change the dial design. As a result, the factory had to develop a completely new way of etching and brushing, so that each dial becomes unique, says Rune Bruvik.

This year, an updated version of Svalbard Signature is launched. The model now has a ceramic bezel in 43 mm size. In May 2021, the two colors Midnigt Red and Auora Boralis were launched, now in December two more are launched: Blue Hour and Polar Night. All editions are inspired by the special lighting conditions on Svalbard.

Recognized in international competition

In 2015, Rune Bruvik was called by representatives of the prestigious award «European Watch of the Year». He had come through the eye of the needle, and “had to” stand still in London and present Fjord.

– It was a highlight of the rare. There I met the biggest names in the world of watches, people I had only read about, says Rune.

After a five-minute presentation, he was grilled by six experts who sat with a magnifying glass and studied his watch.

– But there was a good atmosphere around the table! They experienced that I was serious about using the Norwegian nature in the watch design, and water in the back cover was something completely new, he continues.

There were heated discussions in the jury. In the end, Bruvik Fjord became No. 2, behind one of the big names in the industry.

– For me, it clearly felt like winning, says Rune.

Fjord N2.0 is now being launched

In the continuation of the signature model Fjord, Rune has changed focus. The gaze is directed up from the water, and towards the mountains that surround the Norwegian fjords:

– I have been uncompromising with the details. Angles and steps in the case symbolize the landscape. Polished vertical lines contrast with the brushed horizontal ones. It gives a playful and detailed watch case, says Rune.

The Swiss GMT movement can show two time zones, and has approx. 42 hour walking reserve. The sapphire crystal tailgate provides insight into the self-designed rotor.

With a diameter of 40 mm and a height of 10.3 mm, the Fjord N2.0 is slightly slimmer than the first model. The model is also offered with a durable rubber strap, with a repetitive 3D pattern that matches the nautical expression in the dial. Each color is produced in a limited series of 199 copies.

– This is a watch for those who want to bring a piece of Norwegian nature into urban life, Rune Bruvik concludes.



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