Tuesday, January 18

Bilal Hassani on one of Têtu: the poster censored by SNCF and RATP

The company in charge of the RATP and SNCF advertising space, Mediatransports, refused on Tuesday November 30 to display the front page of the LGBTQI + magazine “Têtu” in all of its stations because of the denominational nature of the pose by Bilal Hassani.

Finalist of the program “Dance with the stars”, Bilal Hassani was elected personality of the year by “Têtu”.

To celebrate this title, the singer made the front page of the magazine in a posture reminiscent of a Christian icon, her face haloed and eyes riveted to the sky.

This shot, made in the minds of visual artists Pierre and Gilles, was banned from posting in Parisian stations by Mediatransports because of its religious staging.

“In our contracts with transport operators and in this case the SNCF and the RATP, it is impossible for us to display visuals containing religious references”, explained an executive of the company on the site. Freeze on images.

The editor-in-chief of Têtu defends himself

The publication of this one on November 19 on Twitter sparked strong reactions accompanied by numerous insults on the social network, prompting the director of the magazine to give explanations.

“We see great confusion, with many accounts who sincerely thought that we did not have the right to represent Mary or Jesus in the Christian religion,” said Thomas Vampouille in Charlie Hebdo.

Invited again on Wednesday in the program “Touche pas à mon poste”, he explained that the main objective of this shot was to unite rather than to divide.

“The idea is to build a bridge between people. We are not here at all to divide believers from non-believers, gay men from non-gay men, manly boys from “crazy” boys. Bilal, precisely, that’s what he embodies, ”said the editor-in-chief of the quarterly on C8.


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