Wednesday, January 19

Christmas 2021: decorative trends for holiday tables

The styles of table decoration for the holidays evolve with the times and trends. Each year, we have to choose from a wide range of offers from brands that compete in inventiveness to delight us.

Like a blank canvas, the New Year’s Eve table is adorned with colors and accessories which in small touches create a landscape where the eyes of gourmets will delight in resting. Will your Christmas be traditional or more daring? Here are some nice proposals to shop (or copy).

Raw style at Villeroy and Boch

© Villeroy & Boch

Chic in its purest form. Manufacture Rock Granit, flat plate, 25 cm, gray, 19.99 euros.

Magic at Sostrene Grene

deco_table_noel_sostrene_grene_61a8e5977c64a.jpeg© Sostrene Grene

And red for tradition. Apple decoration at 2.08 euros, candle holder at 4.19 euros.

the transparency card at Maison du Monde

deco_noel_maison_du_monde_61a8f6987c77a.jpeg© World House

A very light table. Set of 6 Aram wine glasses, 23.94 euros.

Country style at H&M Home

deco_table_noel_hm_home_61a8fa237a2a6.jpeg© H&M Home

A return to the rustic for a moment of warm conviviality. Two-tier rattan storage basket, € 39.99.

Timeless elegance at Zara Home

zara_home_61a8fdb8b6c2d.jpg© Zara Home

A little solemnity so that the family reunion remains engraved. Cut crystalline glass flute, 7.99 euros; mercurized vase, 9.99 euros; enamelled candlestick from 29.99 euros.


deco_noel_conforama_61a8deeace917.jpeg© Conforama

For an enchanted Christmas as sweet as marshmallow. Léon butter dish, 2.99 euros; crackers, 8.99 euros.

Magical receptions at AM.PM.

am.pm_61a901c2a1505.jpg© AM PM

Enchanting natural simplicity. Lefolia metal leaf garland, 29 euros; enamelled stoneware flat plate, Altadill, 39 euros.

A golden Christmas at Merci

merci_61a9069102759.jpg© Thank you

Gold to welcome feasts with majesty. Golden porcelain plate, from 9 euros; washed linen tablecloth from 105 euros; light coil from 36 euros.


deco_noel_alinea_61a8de884a202.jpeg© Alinéa

A perfect atmosphere to remember together our most beautiful memories. Prescy candle holder, 4 euros.

Sparkling parties at Habitat

habitat_61a913810bfe5.jpeg© Habitat

Contrasts and play of reflections. Ruth plate, from 53.40 euros; Klein candlestick, 55 euros; carafe, 29 euros.


deco_noel_kave_home_61a8dec03e675.jpg© Coffee Home

Because what matters is the moment. Housewife with 16 Lite place settings, 89.99 euros; table runner, 19.99 euros.

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