Tuesday, January 18

Cléopâtre Darleux, guardian of Les Bleues: “In our heads, the objective is clear in this World Cup”

After the Olympic title, the French handball team dreams of confirming with a world title during the World Championship which takes place in Spain. Before the entry into the running of the Blue this Friday, Cléopâtre Darleux confides in CNEWS on the objectives.

After gold at the Olympic Games, we imagine that the objective is none other than world gold?

Everyone says to themselves that it will be easy, that it is the objective as Olympic champions… but there are several parameters to take into account. Already, we have had a bit of change, we have players who have quit and young people who are arriving. It should also be remembered that each competition is different. It is true that in recent years, we have had great results. The goal, I will say to go in the last four and after, with the two games that remain, we will see.

Are you less afraid to say that you are favorites?

The gold medal, we are able to do it. Sometimes we are afraid to say that we want to bring back the gold medal, but in our heads, it is a clear objective.

We tend to say that the World Cup is “easier”, is that true?

They say that the Euro is the most difficult because the hand is a European sport on a continent where the level of the teams is very high. At the World Cup, there are weaker teams because it is not a major sport in some countries. But the fact that there are more and more nations participating is good, it allows the hand to develop but the level drops a little.

With the retirements of several players (such as Amandine Leynaud, Siraba Dembélé or Alexandra Lacrabère), you are now part of the “old”…

I’m the old woman on the team! I’m only 32 years old, I don’t feel like I’m old but we are part of the executives. We support the young people who are arriving. It’s a new role and I like it. I like to discover the news and put them in the bath, they bring freshness. I like to advise and give tips.


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