Monday, January 24

Covid-19. Booster dose: a toll-free number for priority vaccine candidates

The government is reactivating the toll-free number to get a priority vaccination appointment. Objective: to prevent the success of the third dose campaign – which causes tension on appointment scheduling – preventing fragile audiences from finding a niche for their recall.

Where to call?

If you are considered a person at risk (over 65, or if you have comorbidities regardless of your age), you can call on 0800 730 956.

How it works ?

At the end of the phone, an agent will ask for your profile. Once you have verified that you correspond to the criteria, he will have access to appointments reserved specifically for the most vulnerable.

Vaccination centers have blocked 5% of appointments in their databases for this purpose.

Who is concerned ?

The list of priority people has been established by the High Authority for Health : people 65 years old, people at very high risk of severe disease, people with co-morbidities that increase the risk of severe forms of Covid-19, people with severe immunosuppression (who have already received three doses and will receive a fourth from 3 months after the 3rd dose) and people who have received the Janssen vaccine.

Why is it blocking?

Since the announcement of the enlargement of the booster dose by Olivier Véran on November 25, appointments have exploded. Five million slots were taken by storm in a week. Thursday a record was broken with 556,000 booster injections during the day.

How many appointments are accessible for the entire population?

According to the Ministry of Health, Friday noon, 2.5 million slots remained available online, nationwide, for an appointment until the end of January. “We are not in a situation of saturation of meetings, but of strong tension”, explains Avenue de Ségur.

“Between 400,000 and 800,000 slots are open daily,” says the Ministry of Health. “They are taken immediately,” explains rue de Ségur. This is why it is difficult to manage to reserve a date range.

How many will open in the next few days?

“Other appointments will be open” in the coming days, promises the Ministry of Health. “We have enough doses to vaccinate everyone: there will be no shortage.”

The main problem today is logistics. Vaccination centers have started to reopen, as well as “new lines in existing vaccination centers” to increase volumes.

It is also possible to make an appointment in town, with your doctor or pharmacist.

Currently, city vaccinations represent 47% of total injections. This week, liberal health professionals placed a record order: 3.2 million doses of Pfizer vaccine, and 800,000 from Moderna. They will receive these new doses between Friday 10 and Tuesday 14 December.

This explosion in demand poses logistics delivery problems. The ministry is only able to deliver 2.4 million doses of Pfizer per week, less than what has been ordered. It will replace what it cannot deliver in Pfizer with 800,000 doses in Moderna (in addition to the order made directly in Moderna).

The Ministry of Health calls for the use of both types of vaccines so as not to seize the appointment machine. Who is already over-revving …

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