Monday, January 24

Covid-19. Vaccination: a booster dose, “it’s 20 times less risk of getting sick”

Why do a booster dose, against the Delta variant, when fears are mounting on the effectiveness of vaccines against Omicron?

The main problem in France today is the Delta variant. It represents 97 to 98% of current infections, which are exploding. Hospitalizations and intensive care admissions are increasing, mainly in people who have not been vaccinated or who have had a decrease in the effect of their initial vaccination. In this context of rapid increase in circulation of the virus, with an incidence close to 400 per 100,000, the booster dose for all becomes a necessity.

With an additional dose, there is 20 times less risk of getting sick than without this booster. And 20 times less risk of going to the hospital for a severe form, as several Israeli studies show. In addition, the …

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