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Three beautiful photo books on Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten have been available for sale since November 15, 2021. Published by The Friendly Books, these three books showcase the island and those who live there. They will be distributed on both sides of the territory.

Thomas and Alexandra have lived in Saint-Martin for almost ten years. He is an art director, graphic designer and photographer, she is a journalist, editor and photo producer, both have worked in publishing and magazine press for many years. Lovers of the island and those who live there, they decided to embark on the adventure of publishing by creating The Friendly Books to imagine and produce beautiful photo books on Saint-Martin and celebrate the island, its beauty, diversity, culture and people. Two years of work were necessary to produce these first three works which are all written in French and English.

“Creole cuisine”

A Creole cookbook from Saint-Martin. 60 pages, soft cover, 19€.

Creole recipes from Saint-Martin made by chefs from Saint-Martin. Cooks of all ages, women and men, amateurs or professionals, trusted us and opened the doors of their kitchen to us to discover their recipes and share their know-how. More than a cookbook, this book is also a meeting book with the inhabitants of the Friendly Island.


blank« Photography »

A book of photographs

contemporaries of Saint-Martin.

184 pages, hardcover, 25€.

We asked 14 professional or amateur photographers who live in Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten to select their favorite images of the island. We gave them carte blanche to choose these photos that reflect their sensitivity and creativity.

The result ? 14 portfolios of beautiful contemporary artistic photographs of Friendly Island which celebrate the beauty of the island, its culture and its diversity through the eyes of these 14 talented photographers.


blank« Vintage Photography »

A book of old photographs

of Saint-Martin. 212 pages, softcover: 25€ / hard cover: 39€.

This book brings together nearly 400 old photographs to celebrate the beauty of the island of Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten and its history. Scenes from the daily life of yesteryear in the streets of Marigot or Philipsburg, pristine and grandiose landscapes that have now disappeared, the smiles and songs of the population during the carnival, the evolution of the island with progress … Leafing through this book means taking a trip back in time to discover what Saint-Martin looked like when it was still called Soualiga, “the salt island”, and observing its evolution through the ages. Knowing the island, its history and its culture remains the best way to protect and preserve it. This book exists in 2 versions: classic version with a soft cover and premium version with a hard cardboard cover.





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