Friday, January 21

Finistere. She sells her car on the Bon Coin and is gassed by three people who seize it

A woman was assaulted and her car stolen on Sunday near Brest in Finistère after posting an ad online on Bon Coin West France reports.

She had an appointment with a potential buyer of her vehicle that she had put up for sale on the classifieds site.

The saleswoman and a person accompanying her agreed to allow the buyer to test the car. They then got into the back of the vehicle and, when driving off, the buyer turned around and sprayed them with tear gas. Then the buyer pushed them outside with the help of three accomplices. The group then fled with the car.

The buyer was arrested four hours after the incident by the gendarmes who had deployed an important device.

The other suspects were also identified and arrested.

All will have to answer for their acts before the judge next January.

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