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Here is the astrological sign that would be the most jealous

Feeling jealousy in love when you are a couple is a natural phenomenon and very common. However, this feeling is expressed with more or less intensity depending on the person. According to astrology, this trait is particularly dominant among those born between October 23 and November 22.

Suspicious by nature, the sign of Scorpio is indeed by far the most jealous of the zodiac, analyzes astrocoach Nathalie Marcot. Ruled by Mars, a planet associated with aggression and passion, this Water sign is “passionate and excessive.” With him, it’s all or nothing, there is no middle ground. Either he loves you or he hates you ”.


The mere idea of ​​being able to lose your other half to another person is unbearable to him. This sign, also led by Pluto, a planet that symbolizes the end of things and regeneration, does not give confidence easily and “lives everything very intensely”, which can undermine the relationship.

These natives tend “to destroy to rebuild everything”, continues the specialist, who recalls that these are generalities. Indeed, to have a precise and complete analysis, it is also necessary to take into account the ascendant, the Moon, and the other characteristics of the astral chart.

When jealousy invades his mind, he will have disproportionate reactions, he has such a hard time managing his emotions. “A jealous Scorpio can no longer control himself”, explains Nathalie Marcot, also expert in inner connection and couple relationship.

A loss of control which is of course often a source of conflict. And if he has felt hurt and betrayed, he will “seek revenge” and, like any self-respecting pincer animal, “he will not let go, even after years”.

Lion and ram on the podium

In second place in the ranking of the most jealous signs, we find… the Lion. This Fire sign does not support that his or her partner “can be interested or even look at someone else”.

He needs his half to have eyes only for him. And for good reason, he assumes that “the best is him”. “He wants to be the most noticed and the most remarkable person”, notes the expert, specifying that if he notices that his companion or his companion is interested in another person, “he will then feel devalued” .

Competitive, the Leo “likes exclusivity and defends his territory”, however, during a crisis of jealousy, he will be much less excessive than a Scorpio who will tend to “declare war”.

Finally, the podium is completed by Aries, also a sign of Fire. According to the astrocoach, which holds a chain Youtube, we must avoid teasing him by trying to make him jealous, “because he will go straight away”.

Ruled by Mars, Aries are known to be very outspoken and possessive. But unlike Scorpios, they don’t hold a grudge and manage to move on fairly quickly.

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