Friday, January 21

Hoarse, Biden says he only has a “cold”

US President Joe Biden coughs during remarks at the White House in Washington, December 3, 2021ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS

US President Joe Biden assured Friday that his very hoarse voice was due to a “cold” contracted in contact with his grandson, indicating to be tested “daily” for Covid-19.

Visibly congested, he coughed several times Friday during a speech devoted to the economy, prompting a journalist to ask him about his health.

“I’m fine. I’m tested for Covid every day. What I have is a one-and-a-half-year-old grandson who had a cold and loves to kiss his grandpa. He’s only one. cold, ”he said.

The White House, which promised the utmost transparency about the president’s health, then released a certificate signed by his doctor.

This indicates that Joe Biden has been tested for 19 common respiratory infections, including Covid-19, other types of coronavirus or the flu, and that all these tests have been negative.

It is specified that the president has been tested a total of three times for Covid-19 this week.

Joe Biden spent the hugely popular Thanksgiving weekend last weekend with his family.

The United States fears an outbreak of Covid-19 cases, with the onset of winter and the spread of the new variant Omicron.

Beyond the pandemic, the health of Joe Biden, the oldest president ever elected in the United States and now aged 79, is attracting special attention in the country.

He had a health check two weeks ago, of which the White House published detailed results, and at the end of which his doctor assured him that he was “in good health”.

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