Friday, January 21

In Brazil, sex shops to send evangelicals to 7th heaven

Erotic toys, lubricating gels or aphrodisiac perfumes are slipped into medicine boxes or bread bags, discretion requires. For the Brazilian Andrea dos Anjos, this is the only way to send her products to customers of the evangelical faith.

This 43-year-old self-entrepreneur also provides advice, only by private messages, to Internet users who visit her online store “Memórias da Clô” (memories of Clo), opened in 2019, in Rio de Janeiro.

Same modus operandi for Carolina Marques, 26, who opened her “love store” called “ConSensual” last year.

Its online catalog is very sober, without garish colors or suggestive images that would force its customers to “shut down the computer” in a hurry if someone approached.

“We Christians have taboos on sensuality. But for a married couple, it can be something very natural. I want us to stop saying that sex is only used for reproduction,” says this resident of Sao Gonçalo, a popular suburb of Rio.

No question of saying that his business is a “sex shop”. It was the pastor of his church who advised him to avoid this term “vulgar” and “too aggressive” for an evangelical audience.

Among evangelicals, who represent 30% of the Brazilian population, the vision of sexual relations is often very conservative, explains this faithful of the Assembly of God, who plans to become a sex therapist.

His pastor also advised him to “be careful with the packaging.” Discretion is the key word: “I am not going to start distributing leaflets at the end of the service”.

– Set your own limits –

Lubricants with a “candy apple” or “cotton candy” taste, discreet egg-shaped erotic toys … Carolina Marques only sells playful products “which do not give the impression of doing inappropriate things”.

Dildos, masturbation accessories and other items intended for anal sex are prohibited.

Andrea dos Anjos, she sought in the sacred texts an answer to the question “what is a sin or not?” in sexual relations between married people. She couldn’t find an answer, but now feels that each couple should set their own limits.

The idea to start an online store came after a visit to a traditional sex shop after her divorce from a man who sexually abused her.

“At that time, I didn’t know what pleasure was. The salesman in the sex shop was male, how dare I talk about that with him? I thought a lot of evangelical women must be feeling the same thing, ”she said.

– “The temple of the Lord” –

Andrea dos Anjos also specializes in counseling women with lubrication problems or doubts about sex after childbirth.

It sometimes happens to him to receive couples. Two worshipers went to see her several times before having their first sexual relationship. “We only moved on to selling products afterwards,” she explains.

Contacted on WhatsApp by AFP, Jessica, 24, who prefers to give only her first name to preserve her anonymity, is a frequent customer of ConSensual.

“I mostly use massage gels, lubricants that are edible or that give a feeling of heat. It makes relationships more pleasant, more fun,” she describes.

This young woman claims to have succeeded in convincing friends to try the experiment. But others did not even want to hear about it, “because of preconceptions” that these products would be “aggressive”.

Carolina Marques, who is beginning to receive orders from other regions of Brazil, likes to use this formula to try to convert the refractories: “our body is our temple, the temple of the Lord, we must take care of it”.

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