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Kilde took his first victory after the cruciate ligament injury – was nauseous from Jansrud’s fall

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (29) drove out on Thursday, but after a super finish in Friday’s super-G, he took his first World Cup victory in 2021 with three small hundredths.

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From start number 6, Aleksander Aamodt Kilde drove into the lead in Beaver Creek, 37 hundredths ahead of Travis Ganong. On the start number after came Marco Odermatt, who took a clear victory in Thursday’s race.

The Swiss was 32 hundredths ahead in the second half, but he failed to match the finish to Aamodt Kilde. 32 hundredths became 12 hundredths by the third intermediate time and in the finish he was three hundredths behind the Norwegian.

It (victory) is high on the list. I have some victories, but not too many. This one feels extremely good, because it has been a constant battle with both ups and downs. Yesterday was perhaps one of the biggest downturns, because then I felt I had no control. I’m not that fan of that, but I manage to carry out my plan, lower my shoulders and know that the speed is there. Then this is an absolutely fantastic feeling, says Kilde, who broke the cruciate ligament in January, to Viaplay.

The victory is Kilde’s seventh World Cup victory in his career.

Kjetil Jansrud was among those who came on a higher starting number in Friday’s race and was to challenge Aamodt Kilde, but just after the first intermission he got a solid round and drove out.

– It did not look good, said TV3 commentator Andreas Toft.

But the Norwegian got up again, and after five minutes strapped on his skis again and slid down to the finish area.

– It is difficult to say right now, but it has probably happened a bit in the left knee and potentially a collarbone. So I walk and limp a bit, Jansrud says to TV3, and informs that he is going down to the hospital for a check after the race.

– It’s a bit “bitter sweet” with Kjetil. It was a knife in the stomach when I saw him fall. When you go online like this, there is so much movement and so much going on. It was nothing delicious. He was up on his feet again, but he does not do it for himself, but everyone else. I cross my fingers that it is not too bad, says Kilde to Viaplay.

Kilde was sitting in the leader’s chair when his teammate crashed out.

– You immediately get nauseous. You simply get sick, he says about what it was like to see Jansrud fall.

– Kjetil is a raw paw. I hope this is not an exit for him, but that he decides to join back and fight on, he says.

36-year-old Jansrud has previously told VG that he sees this as his last season.

ON THE WAY TO WIN: Aleksander Aamodt Kilde.

Kilde took two World Cup victories before Christmas last year and fought to defend the victory in the World Cup overall from the 2019/20 season when he on training in the Austrian Hinterreit smoked the cruciate ligament in January.

Thus, the season was also over, and Kilde also chose to stand over this season’s opening race in Sölden in October to get a little more time.

Last weekend it was a ninth place in the comeback downhill in Lake Louise, and after driving out in Thursday’s super-G in Beaver Creek, the Norwegian showed that he is really back with a brilliant performance in Friday’s race.

Adrian Smiseth Sejersted, who became the best Norwegian with a seventh place in Thursday’s race, was number 13, 1.63 behind Aamodt Kilde.

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