Tuesday, January 18

Les Tuche: the 10 best cult phrases

The famous Tuche family is back in theaters since Wednesday, December 8. To get back in the mood, nothing like an anthology of the best lines heard in the three previous sections.

“Tuche, with a T, like you are there!” Are you there or are you not there? ”

“The Alain Delon suite? I don’t know him, we don’t want to disturb him ”

“Go home, Monnier, you scare the birds. We haven’t seen a partridge for two years ”

“I can’t, I don’t have time, I have nothing to do.”

“You can lose 6 cards, you can lose 6 cards, but not 15 no.” You can lose 7 cards, but not 15 … “

“Rest in peace my nevada, you are at home now”

“With Jeff Tuche nobody stays on the tuche!”

“My name is Wilfried but call me Tuche Daddy it’s shorter”

“No, no gratin. Just fries. I am on a monodiet diet ”

“Everyone knows how to run in slow motion. Running in slow motion is walking. ”


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