Saturday, January 22

“Most Wanted”: a French trafficker among the most wanted individuals in Europe

While the European criminal police agency Europol is launching its annual campaign of calls for testimonies to find traces of fugitives on the run, CNEWS unveils the portrait of a Frenchman among the most wanted: Joël Soudron, on the run since 2018.

Investigators from the BNRF, the National Fugitive Search Brigade, believe that the help of the public, of citizens who might have noticed it, can make the difference in the hunt for Joël Soudron, 42 years old: “a very big fish “In international drug trafficking, a source close to the investigation tells us. It must be said that there is a notable precedent: last year, Europol’s campaign to collect testimonies on men on the run was successful since it made it possible to obtain information allowing the trace to be traced. and to arrest another French suspect, François di Pasquali.

On the site, citizens can thus find the report this year of Joël Soudron, alias James Olivier Kane, and leave a testimony anonymously if they think they have useful information to put the police on his trail.

The man is wanted for two reasons. First, he must finish serving a 6-year prison sentence. Convicted in a narcotics case in his absence, he was arrested in 2016 in Mali by local authorities and handed over to France in September of the same year. Direction the prison therefore before taking the runaway powder in September 2018 during a leave of absence.

Since then, the man has been considered an escapee. He is also wanted in another case, in which he is indicted for directing drug trafficking. It is a qualification rarely retained, but which testifies to the size of this man suspected of having brought to the port of Le Havre from the West Indies several hundred kilos of cocaine between 2005 and 2011: “He has always been very discreet in the field. in the midst of narcotics, he spent a long time under the radar, before arriving in the highest spheres of international traffic, ”we told the BNRF. “We think he has a considerable financial windfall, several million euros, which can allow him to regularly change countries and obtain false papers,” the same source continues. He has a lot of knowledge in the French Antilles but also in the Netherlands and in the UK. He also has a number of relays in French-speaking Africa via local businesses which can serve as a nominee to launder money. ”

This investigation, carried out at the time by the Octris (Central Office for the Repression of Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs), materializes around thirty imports to its credit, including a seizure in 2011 by customs in Le Havre of more than 230 kg. of cocaine in containers. In a search in the wake, the police found at his home 270 kilos of the same drug and 280,000 euros in cash. The investigations make it possible to identify various individuals suspected of having been responsible for shipping, reception, distribution to wholesalers but also to trace back to the sponsor: the Guadeloupean Joël Soudron.

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