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Nav: Unemployment fell to 4 percent in November

Unemployment fell by 8,800 job seekers to 4 percent in November, according to Nav. And the applicants have a record number of positions to choose from.

Nav director Hans Christian Holte states that there are good opportunities in the labor market during the day.

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At the end of November, 114,500 fully or partially unemployed and jobseekers had been registered for measures at Nav. It makes up 4.0 per cent of the labor force. There were 8,800 fewer jobseekers than at the end of October, adjusted for seasonal variations.

– There are many opportunities for job seekers in the labor market now, and there are fewer and fewer unemployed. In the last ten years, it is only in 2019 that there have been just as few completely unemployed in November, says director of labor and welfare Hans Christian Holte in a press release.

He emphasizes that the omicron variant creates somewhat greater uncertainty for further development.

Mostly down in Oslo and Trøndelag

The number of jobseekers decreased in all counties in the last month, adjusted for normal seasonal variations. The decline was greatest in Oslo and Trøndelag with 7 per cent. Both the number of fully and partially unemployed decreased in all counties.

This is the eighth month in a row that unemployment has fallen in Oslo.

– The decline in November is primarily due to redundancies in the occupational group tourism and transport having returned to the workplace or got a new job, says acting director Thone Nordlund in Nav Oslo.

The proportion of completely unemployed as a percentage of the labor force is highest in Oslo, at 2.6 per cent, and lowest in Trøndelag, at 1.5 per cent.

All age groups

The number of jobseekers decreased among all age groups from October to November. The largest decrease was in the groups 20–24 years and 40–49 years with 7 per cent.

The share of the completely unemployed is highest in the age group 30–39 years, with 2.8 per cent of the labor force, and lowest for those under 20, with 1.1 per cent of the labor force. The percentage of partially unemployed is highest for those between 30 and 49 years, with 1.5 per cent of the labor force.

During November, 51,600 new vacancies were registered This corresponds to 2,100 vacancies per working day, which is the same level as in October. This is a very high level historically, according to Nav.

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