Friday, January 28

NBA CORNER: The Knicks are looking for each other, Anthony Edwards and Wolves, Kristaps Porzingis

The NBA CORNER podcast receives journalist Jérémy Le Bescont to talk about the New York Knicks, and the decision of coach Tom Thibodeau to remove Kemba Walker from the rotation.

While the New York franchise is struggling to regain the defensive level that made it so successful last season, Jérémy and Josh review the club’s other problems, starting with the downturn of Julius Randle and RJ Barrett, or even Evan Fournier’s lack of shooting skills.

The conversation then moves to the Minnesota Wolves, where Anthony Edwards has a stunning second season alongside Karl-Anthony Towns. The Cub team displays the 7e best defense of the Western Conference, and are – for the moment – in the process of qualifying for the playoffs.

Podcast ends with the Dallas Mavericks where Kristaps Porzingis’ return to form puts the club in an encouraging 4e place within the Western Conference. And this despite a declining shooting skills for key players such as Tim Hardaway Jr. or Reggie Bullock. Can the Latvian player stay healthy beyond these few matches? Can Dallas hope for a better run in the playoffs this season with Jason Kidd on the bench? The debate is heated between Jérémy and Josh.

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