Wednesday, January 19

No more traffic blockages in sight in Brussels

(Belga) The taxi drivers mobilized since 9:00 am Friday in front of the Brussels parliament dispersed around 4:30 pm, following meetings at the Ecolo headquarters and then with the signatories of the proposed “Sparadrap” ordinance of the DéFi parties,, Groen and Open VLD. No new blocking action is planned until further notice in order to let the political representatives move forward.

Traffic disruptions were limited during the day, and especially concentrated in the morning, around the Brussels parliament. The delegation first met the co-president of Ecolo Rajae Maouane at 12 noon: “Drivers linked to Uber could take the 500 jobs that have become free in the taxi sector”, argued Sandra Langenus, FGTB-UBT union representative. “We felt Ecolo behind us to see how to facilitate this.” At the beginning of the afternoon, in the Brussels parliament, the discussions were more muscular with the carriers of the proposed “Sparadrap” ordinance, sent for opinion to the Council of State. Sandra Langenus defends that this solution of temporarily letting drivers linked to Uber operate until the entry into force of the Taxi plan is opposed to court decisions. The common front of taxis is largely in agreement with this plan which advances at the legislative level, but would like clarifications, in particular at the level of the numerus clausus, so that it is determined according to a study of the current market, and controls, so that they can be strengthened so as not to see drivers from other regions working in Brussels in the future. “Drivers working in Brussels have taken out limousine licenses in Flanders and Wallonia, because it is easier to obtain”, explains the trade unionist. (Belga)

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