Sunday, January 16

The French champagne sector forecasts record sales in 2021

(Belga) The champagne sector in France forecasts a record turnover in 2021, thanks to the replenishment of stocks of professionals after months of health crisis and at the request of individuals, but is worried about the new Omicron variant, indicated Friday the profession.

The sector’s turnover should exceed 5.5 billion euros for 2021 for 315 million bottles, surpassing the record of 5 billion reached in 2019, explained to AFP Jean-Marie Barillère, co-president of the Interprofessional Champagne Wine Committee (CIVC), confirming information from the local newspaper L’Union. Mr. Barillère notes a double phenomenon of the reconstitution of stocks of professionals and strong consumer demand, as well as good export trends, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries. “The pandemic has led to new consumption patterns and everything related to conviviality at home, such as champagne, is experiencing a very positive trend,” he underlines. If he says he is confident that the 5.5 billion euros will be exceeded, this amount is at this stage an estimate, before the crucial period of the end-of-year holidays. “Two weeks ago, I would have told you that the outlook was excellent for the holidays but now with the new variant, I think that will temper our optimism,” he added, predicting “a halt terrible “for events and catering, without knowing whether it would take place before or after the holidays. (Belga)

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