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Tourism. I had booked an Airbnb accommodation, what happens in case of cancellation?

During the first confinement in March, the Airbnb platform reimbursed customers forced to cancel their stay. But be careful, with reconfinement, the rules are not the same!

What are the cases considered to be “force majeure”?

According to the force majeure and coronavirus covid-19 policy, only three cases are covered and give the right to “different cancellation and refund options” for travelers, as for hosts:

– If you booked your accommodation on Airbnb before March 14 (following the declaration of the WHO pandemic)

– If you yourself are positive for coronavirus at the time of your stay

– If you are considered as a contact case at the time of your stay

These three scenarios give the right to a total refund or to a travel credit including “all service charges for covered cancellations”.

What happens if I don’t fit into these three scenarios?

You will understand: the cancellation of modes of transport, the inability to travel, border closures and even re-containment are not taken into account. If you have, for example, booked an accommodation in September for the month of November and the re-containment prevents you from taking advantage of it, this is not considered as “force majeure”.

Apart from these three cases, it is in fact the Airbnb host who sets the tone. Because it is his cancellation conditions – which he himself chose – that apply.

On the Airbnb side, we claim to have communicated with the hosts to make them aware of the fact of opting for flexible or moderate cancellation policies (the most flexible) in this uncertain context.

These two cancellation policies allow for a full refund if the cancellation is made at least 5 full days before the local arrival time indicated on the advertisement.

The flexible policy allows for a full refund of any cancellation made 24 hours before the local arrival time indicated on the advertisement.

If your host has not opted for one of these cancellation policies and you cannot get a full refund, you can reach the host as well.

If they agree to a refund, Airbnb says the platform will refund the service fee as well.

If you wish to cancel a reservation, it is therefore better to look at the cancellation policy chosen by your host!

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