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Valérie Pécresse, the card of skill and order to seduce LR

Finalist for the nomination at Les Républicains, Valérie Pécresse, who was the only woman in the running, is a methodical “hard worker” attached to Republican values, who hopes to impose her liberal line on the economy and firm on the regal.

The president of the Ile-de-France region, 54, will be opposed during the 2nd round of the nomination to Eric Ciotti, holding a right wing. It has already received the support of the three eliminated candidates, Michel Barnier, Philippe Juvin and Xavier Bertrand, eliminated on Wednesday when he appeared to be the best placed on the right in the national polls for 2022.

Self-proclaimed “Dame de faire”, the former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy (Higher Education and Budget) claims the “most daring” program and assures him: “I am totally, entirely, viscerally determined”.

A determination that the former member for Yvelines has been able to explain since July during 80 public meetings, explaining here her project for six EPR reactors, fighting there its image in Ile-de-France, with a common thread: “restore French pride”.

Accusing Emmanuel Macron of having “burned the bank”, the newly re-elected president of Ile-de-France relies on her experience in the region and defends a very firm project on the regal where she has joined the services of Patrick Stefanini, the former campaign manager of François Fillon.

On immigration she wants to harden the right to nationality and benefits, and on security this ex-baby Chirac, long decked out with a wise image, does not rule out “involving the army” in “areas of lawlessness “.

Her orderly program, which she is keen to address in all its facets in a meeting, also plans to cut 200,000 civil servant positions and increase “net salaries by 10%” under 3,000 euros.

But this champion of republican values ​​also emphasizes education.

– “A path different from the others” –

Speeches prowled in meeting, shock formulas in televised debate … “She is playing her life” in this election, smiles an elected LR, who assured her in the fall: “She is in the process of having everyone inset!”

It is difficult to know how many new voters the candidate has won, in this congress where it is also a question of convincing the old party, a priori more sensitive to the argument of loyalty.

Deemed “hardworking” and “methodical”, the president of Libres! had left LR in 2019, before taking back his card in October. But she has always, in the name of loyalty, accepted to play the tie-breaker rule.

This mother of three, who also deplores the sexism that reigns in politics, can strike a chord with voters.

“She embodies the woman, but also the firmness”, assured mid-November in Montigny le Bretonneux (Yvelines) Marie-Claude, 74 years old. “She has a certain presence, she does not beat around the bush,” added Sylvie, 55 years old.

Described as “structured”, Ms. Pécresse is used to the honor roll: baccalaureate at 16, HEC, ENA … A path of excellence which has long earned her a wise image, to her great annoyance.

“During my first regional campaign, the nickname that my opponents on the left had given me was + the blonde +. Then it was + headband and pleated skirt +”, said in 2019 the former master of requests to the Council of State.

Recruited in 1997 as an Internet specialist by Jacques Chirac, she became Member of Parliament for Yvelines in 2002 and then twice Minister (Higher Education in 2007 and Budget in 2011).

Raised in Versailles, in “a family of somewhat original intelligentsia”, this fan of Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy decides at the age of 15 to learn Russian and leaves for Yalta, in a camp of communist youths. She then began to learn Japanese, which she perfected in Tokyo, selling camcorders and liquor.

“Until now, I have always followed a different path from the others”, says the one who hopes to become in April 2022 the first woman President of the Republic.

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