Wednesday, January 19

– We have had many major outbreaks before, but I experience this as more contagious

All were healthy, asymptomatic, had negative fast horses and were fully vaccinated. Now more than 60 are infected after the Christmas dinner in Oslo.

From the home office on St. Hanshaugen, Tine Ravlo, assistant district chief physician in the Frogner district, leads the infection tracing team that is working to map the outbreak after the Christmas table at Aker Brygge last week.

Four days after the solar energy company Scatec had a Christmas dinner at Aker Brygge, the alarm went off at the infection trackers in the Frogner district in Oslo.

– We became suspicious on Tuesday morning and pressed the big button immediately. That was because the National Institute of Public Health called us and said that they suspected that it was omikron, says Tine Ravlo, assistant district chief physician in district Frogner.

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