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Debutant excelled when Norway won the relay

ÖSTERSUND (VG) Sivert Bakken (23) was first told that he would go relay at breakfast today. He really proved worthy of trust, and laid the foundation for the season’s first relay victory for the men’s biathletes.

DELIVERED ITEMS: Sivert Bakken had a very solid relay debut in the World Cup.

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Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen was able to cross the finish line in solitary majesty in Östersund. The relay winner came after a solid foundation laid by debutant Sivert Bakken, followed by Tarjei Bø and Johannes Thingnes Bø.

After Sturla Holm Lægreid’s illness, the surprise Bakken got the opportunity on the first stage. And the winner from the national opening at Sjusjøen did not disappoint.

– I’m both looking forward and a little nervous. But I am ready, Bakken told NRK before the relay stage.

But Bakken had nothing to be nervous about. A brilliant and flawless first series ensured that Norway went out in the lead. There he stayed the whole second round and towards shooting.

There he continued on the same track. He took a good enough time, but a new full house ensured that Norway could continue in the lead.

– This is masterfully done! He really takes care of the chance he has been given, said NRK’s ​​Ola Lunde when the tenth flash was down.

In exchange with Tarjei Bø, Bakken also got a small gap.

On the first shot, elder brother Bø had to use an extra shot, while rival France and Emilien Jacquelin had to resort to three. Based on shooting, Norway came out second, a few tenths behind Russia.

On standing shooting, Bø was the only one in front who delivered a full house. The super series ensured that Norway took the lead by a margin of nine seconds down to Ukraine.

When switching to the third stage, the distance was down to four seconds – after an impressive final lap by Dmytro Pidruchnyi.

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Johannes Thingnes Bø was comfortable in front. The hatch continued to increase, and when lying down, the flashes disappeared one by one. The distance out was about seven seconds.

Thingnes Bø put on the turbo towards the standing shot, and quickly doubled the distance down to Ukraine.

– Norway has the world’s best biathlete, said NRK commentator Andreas Stabrun Smith when Thingnes Bø completed his second full house.

TWO FULL HOUSES: Johannes Thingnes Bø delivered the goods during the third stage.

At the last change, the hatch was 20.8 seconds.

Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen got the opportunity on the last stage, but was disappointed that Emilien Jacquelin had to go the second stage for France. Thus, there was never any sprint settlement between the two sprint cannons.

The hatch he went out with also ensured that there was never any real danger of a sprint settlement. Despite the fact that the Norwegian had to use extra shots on both standing and horizontal shooting, he was able to finish in solitary majesty.

France came in second, while Russia came in third.

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