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Delphine Jubillar case: 145 messages and calls made by the wife of Delphine’s lover intrigue investigators

This December 3, Cédric Jubillar was again auditioned in connection with the disappearance of his wife. The hearing focused mainly on the night of December 15-16, 2020, when the 33-year-old nurse and mother of the couple’s two children was last seen in their home in Cagnac-les-Mines, near from Albi.

“I believe that it is now high time that justice is interested in other avenues, because that of Cédric Jubillar is exhausted”, estimated one of the husband’s lawyers, Me Emmanuelle Franck.

According to information reported by La Dépêche du Midi, an element of the file intrigued the defense lawyers: the attitude of the companion of Delphine Jubillar’s lover. According to the daily, the latter said she learned of the existence of Delphine Jubillar on December 15, the day of her disappearance. The two young women would have exchanged and would have reached an agreement. The lover’s wife would have agreed to leave him in early 2021. During this time, Delphine Jubillar would have agreed to withdraw.

Still according to information by La Dépêche du Midi, telephone records show that 145 calls and messages were made between the lover’s wife and unknown recipients, between midnight December 14 and December 16 at 2 p.m. BFM TV adds that these communications “whose recipients are unknown go through the Internet through private messaging such as WhatsApp, Messenger etc. and may well concern several recipients”.

This woman was auditioned, just like her husband, Delphine’s lover. A search took place at their home but did not yield anything.

No confessions or irrefutable evidence

Last week, the eldest son of the Jubillar couple was heard by the magistrates. He reportedly recounted an argument between his parents on the evening of December 15, according to press leaks. A dispute already mentioned by the Toulouse prosecutor during the indictment.

Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers, who have already filed several appeals to demand his release, believe that the “presumption of innocence is violated” and denounce an “abusive detention in a file without elements or evidence against him”. For its part, the justice puts forward “a bundle of serious and consistent evidence” and considers that the evidence is sufficient to justify his continued detention.

In this investigation without body, confession, or irrefutable proof, many searches were undertaken by the gendarmes around the village and friends of the nurse regularly survey fields and woods, hoping to find a clue.

The couple’s two young children, who were in the process of divorce, were placed with Delphine Jubillar’s sister.

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