Sunday, May 22

Fire ravages cargo ships with timber outside Gothenburg

Large crews are struggling to put out the fire on the dry cargo ship Almirante Storni outside Gothenburg. Helicopters are ready to evacuate the crew of 17.

The crew on board a Swedish coastguard ship is participating in the firefighting work on Almirante Storni, which on Saturday night was still on fire outside Gothenburg.

The report of the fire came at 2.30 pm on Saturday, and at 9.30 pm the fire was still raging in full. A large rescue effort is underway to put out the fire in the ship, which is loaded with timber that started to burn.

– It burns with undiminished strength, says rescue leader Anders Lännholm in the Swedish main rescue center.

There is no information that anyone from the crew is injured, and they also participate in the firefighting together with several helicopters and boats, Lännholm states.

The map shows the approximate location of the ship’s location.

177 meter

13 firefighters are on board the vessel. They were flown there by helicopter and fired. In addition, several boats are participating in the extinguishing work around the burning vessel.

– But it is difficult, there will be no real effect, says Lännholm, who calls it a very serious situation.

The Swedish Coast Guard states that the specially trained fire crews will be replaced by a new team that will continue the work until Sunday night.

– It will take time to put out the fire. The vessel is densely loaded with timber both above and below deck, says Valdemar Lindekrantz in the Coast Guard.

The flames are fought, among other things, with water cannons from two tugboats. A tugboat is also used to turn the ship with the wind.

The Liberia-flagged ship is 177 meters long. It was on its way from Ljusne outside Söderhamn to Gothenburg, according to Marine Traffic. When the fire broke out, the vessel was at anchor off Vinga.

NATO frigate

– The captain still does not want to evacuate, we have two helicopters in the area that can lift them all up, says Lännholm.

There is a plan to tow the ship to the port and continue the extinguishing there, but no decision has been made.

– The anchor is at the bow where it is burning, so it will not be easy to get up, says the rescue leader.

Several helicopters and boats are participating in the extinguishing work, including a Danish vessel. A Portuguese NATO frigate also offered to assist, but it was not necessary, the rescue center states.

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