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Fossesholm cried with joy after a heavy autumn: – It is not fat

LILLEHAMMER (VG) First, Helene Marie Fossesholm (20) became the fourth season debut in Lillehammer. Then came the tears.

TIRED AND HAPPY: Helene Marie Fossesholm finished fourth in the 10-kilometer race in Lillehammer on Saturday.

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On Sunday, she will gain confidence as an anchor woman in the only relay before the Olympics.

She sums up this autumn as follows: – When you are far down from before, you are just pushed even further down.

Fossesholm var just 4.7 seconds from the podium at 10 kilometers freestyle in Lillehammer.

“I have not managed to call anyone yet, I,” a crying Fossesholm told VG half an hour after she reached the finish line.

There was so much emotion. Relief and joy of being back at the top.

– I put a lot of pressure on myself and have too many expectations of myself, but I have had to put it aside a bit. I could not have the highest expectations. I know it has not worked optimally, and then it can fluctuate more, says Fossesholm.

She has interrupted a height gathering and stood over another national team gathering this fall. During the national cross-country opening at Beitostølen, she never started. She was not allowed by the national team coaches to travel to Finland to go to the World Cup opening last weekend.

– I’m my own expert

Therefore, 4th place was a huge upswing. For Fossesholm feels that the cross-country experts have been negative and talked her down.

– There are many experts out there who obviously have more bearing on my own body than myself. When you are far down from before, you are just pushed even further down. It’s not very fat, but then you just have to throw it over your shoulder and listen to those closest to you, who actually have a clue, Fossesholm tells VG.

On Sunday, she will go out on the last stage of the relay. Tiril Udnes Weng, Heidi Weng and Therese Johaug go the first three stages.

GOAL: Helene Marie Fossesholm said after the race on Saturday that the body finally played on a team.

She admits that it has cost many people an opinion about her. On Saturday, she went from interview to interview and cried. She took her time. Let the emotions come out. The 20-year-old laughed a little at herself when she said that she might not look very happy.

– I have no need to talk to the experts. I am my own expert, so they can think what they mean, then I can go fast in the track and talk that way, says Fossesholm.

She thanks Therese Johaug who has supported her with messages, encouragement and advice through a difficult autumn.

Johaug was second in Lillehammer on Saturday, beaten by Frida Karlsson by 0.3 seconds. American Rosie Brennan came to the square in front of Fossesholm.

– I want to ski fast too. That’s what I work for all year. And what I may have been a little eager about earlier in the autumn, says Fossesholm.

– This meant more than I could dream of, says Fossesholm.

Sunday is the relay in Lillehammer. Last time Norway went relay they became world champions with Fossesholm as an anchor woman. The 20-year-old celebrated it like this:

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