Monday, January 17

Refusing the installation of a Linky meter will soon be expensive: the bill announced for refractories

Although the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) is pleased with its “positive results”, it nevertheless recalls that people who are resistant to the installation of a Linky meter, will be billed by an additional amount.

A decision that should take effect from 2025, as reported the report published on November 25. CRE thus estimates that within four years, “Enedis will be able to ensure that all users who have communicated their wish to be fitted with a Linky meter will have been fitted”.

This is the reason why the Commission intends to invoice people who will always be resistant to “the cost of residual readings, whether or not they send self-readings”.

And according to Enedis, the number of customers still not wishing to adopt the Linky meter, amounts to around 1.2 million. CRE therefore plans to strengthen the interventions of the EDF subsidiary on site, in order to “raise the indexes and targeted checks”.

Thus, still from 2025, people not equipped with a Linky meter, except in isolated cases or linked to “technical impossibilities”, will be “invoiced in an amount of approximately 5.33 euros per month”, which represents a cost. almost 64 euros a year. This is an “amount corresponding to the cost of two relief services per year”, as specified in the CRE report, which also sets this tariff.

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