Monday, January 17

Had to give weight to the World Cup players – the handball association reacts strongly

The International Handball Federation demanded that the players’ weight must be stated before the World Cup. The weight has also been shown on the TV screen before the matches. Now the IHF has turned around at the request of the Norwegian Handball Association.

THE WEIGHT MUST BE DISCLAIMED: The Norwegian players cheer on the bench during the opening match against Kasaksthan in the World Cup.

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In the registration routines before the championship, the International Handball Federation (IHF) has a new portal where the players’ weight must be registered. If the weight is not entered, the registration will not be approved.

The Norwegian Handball Association has for several years deliberately chosen not to report the weight. This year, they have had no choice.

– We have largely omitted this before, but now it had to be registered in a computer program to complete the registration. What we did then was just to list three different weights on all the players just to fill in a number, says handball president Kåre Geir Lio to VG.

The Handball Association has thus stated false weight on its players – all players are either listed with 70, 65 or 60 kg completely at random.

But the association reacted when they saw that the weight was shown in the TV graphics before the first World Cup matches. Lio informs VG that they therefore sent a letter to the IHF asking that this not be shown. On Tuesday, they received a reply informing them that this will change in the future.

The weight is also listed in the official World Cup program.

– There is enough focus on weight in the world, and we do not need to use it in this context where it has no interest or significance at all, says Lio.

– We do not want that focus, it means nothing and it is completely irrelevant, the handball president concludes.

On Tuesday night, Norway will meet Romania for the last group match in the World Cup. The first two World Cup matches ended with Norwegian major victories against Kazakhstan and Iran. The match is broadcast on TV 3 and played at 20.30.

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