Monday, January 17

Paris: the police appeal to find a master for his dog, who is retiring

The Parisian police are looking for a new master for Maiko. An announcement was indeed posted on social networks, in order to find a family for this Belgian Malinois shepherd dog, who must retire earlier than expected.

Aged five, Maiko spent more than three years in the police force, specializing in “defense / intervention”, describes the Alliance union. Due to “frailty due to teething problems”, he had to stop his activity. But the police specify that the animal is in good health.

New owners are therefore sought after, knowing the dogs of this breed well and having already had experience with canines coming from cynophile brigades. It is also better to avoid the presence of children, because Maiko is a “ball of energy”, warn the officers.

“It’s hard to gain my trust, it will take time and you patience before I give you all my love, but once you get it you will be my whole life,” Maiko said to through its former masters. “I need to work out. I love the water. I love playing with my blood sausage, my Kong (…) and of course the taste buds ”.

For those interested in this “endearing doggie”, the union invites you to send a message to the email [email protected].

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