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BankID trouble again

BankID said they had “good control” of the steps in the relocation process and that they had practiced, but that they did not expect complications. Nevertheless, they have repeatedly had unstable services.

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BankID reports on Thursday morning that they have technical problems. They did the same on Wednesday, but these problems were reported solved on Wednesday night.

“Right now it is unfortunately somewhat slow to use BankID with app and chip. Try again a little later, or use BankID on mobile if it is urgent », they write on their status pages.

On October 19, they moved the services from Nets to the new operating provider DXC. After this, the service has repeatedly had technical problems.

BankID writes on its pages “that they regret that there have been some challenges with BankID lately”, and that they see “minor operational problems” after switching to a new supplier.

– How many times have you had problems with BankID since 19 October?

– Right now there are regular problems at fairly short intervals, unfortunately.

From 21 to 26 October, BankID had several periods of downtime due to the transition. As early as November 1, the technical problems started.

Said they had good control

– Why is it not possible to get the service stable after almost two months with a new supplier?

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– It is the case that it is still challenging when you are in the phase we are in now, it is a very complex service. It is safe, but what happens under the hood is so complex that it takes time to get the operating service as stable as it should be. What we are working on are adjustments to the services, says Kjærnes.

When BankID moved over, product manager Ole Petter Aasen stated that they did not expect complications.

– We have good control at all stages, and we have practiced well on the relocation process together with the banks and suppliers. Although we do not expect complications, we have chosen to notify all BankID users that there may be some reduced availability in the next few days.

Kjærnes says that there is still a run-in phase after the transition.

– But you stated that you had practiced the moving process and had good control in October?

– We knew it was going to be demanding, and as the product manager said, we have good control. But when there are large transition processes, there is a run-in process also afterwards.

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Frustrated customers and users

When asked if she thinks this weakens users’ trust in BankID, she answers that she thinks there are several frustrated users who do not think BankID works properly.

– We believe we will clean up this well so you still have confidence in BankID. There have been reactions from customers to us, and several have contacted the banks because they are so dependent on information.

Kjærnes further says that they changed supplier because BankID will be built for the future.

– We absolutely had to switch to a new system to have just as good BankID in the future when we use it in several situations, and for even more user-friendliness.

– Do you feel that these goals are being met at the present time?

– At present, the operation is not good enough, we are fully aware of that. But the end product will meet the needs, it will be easier and faster.

She says they are working to find times with high stability, and advises customers who are completely dependent on BankID to use it earlier in the morning and later in the evening.

– The traffic with BankID is very high, so there are many who get to use the service.

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