Monday, January 17

Christmas 2021: 4 digital storytellers to introduce children to reading

As the audio book market explodes, accompanying the podcast boom, solutions also exist for children. The storytellers accompany them to take their first step towards reading. Here are the models we recommend.


© Bookinou

Aimed at children aged between 2 and 7 years old, the Bookinou e-reader is a good way to introduce little ones to reading. This first of all invites adults (parents, grandparents, etc.) to read a children’s book of their choice aloud by registering on a dedicated mobile application.

When the child starts to open the book, he will scan it with a small sticker that corresponds to the audio file of the recording. The storyteller Bookinou will then tell the story and invite the child to follow it also on the book. Each eReader can store up to 100 audiobooks. In addition, parents can also install books already registered by professionals. A real plus in this category. Bookinou has also received support from the National Education and is also used in some nursery and primary schools.

Bookinou, 69,99 euros.



© Lunii

We no longer present Lunii – Ma Fabrique à Histoires which is aimed at children from 3 to 8 years old. A pioneer in this market, this storyteller makes it possible to “construct” 48 different stories, the child being able to choose the place, the theme and the characters. In addition, more than 100 children’s books are also available (to buy individually) in audio version to offer well-known stories, such as The Little Prince, Mafalda or even educational stories of “Once upon a time” with Hello Maestro. Very complete, it has recently enabled relatives to also record the stories of their choice themselves to share them with their children.

Monday, 59.90 euros.



© Faba

With Faba, the world of toys joins that of digital storytellers. Aimed at toddlers (from 18 months), this device works with figurines that the child can place himself on the small square box. Each character has a story to tell or a song to share. Several kits are available and if the child hangs, other characters / toys are marketed. If this storyteller is aimed at very young people, it is nonetheless a good compromise to accustom the child to be attentive to a story or to arouse his curiosity.

Faba, from 59.90 euros.



© Joyeuse

The Joyeuse brand markets its Conteuse Merveilleuse. A small cube for the youngest from 2 years old. No less than 66 stories are offered, while each of its six sides offers its own universe. It also allows parents and grandparents to also share their own stories with children or even add your favorite songs, while a database provides access to more than 2,000 nursery rhymes and songs for children. youth.

Joyeuse, la Conteuse Merveilleuse, 79.90 euros.

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