Monday, January 17

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton world champion if …

Two pilots for a title. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are perfectly level on points in the race for the title of world champion before the last Grand Prix of the season on Sunday in Abu Dhabi. Here are the different scenarios that allow the Dutch or the British to be sacred.

Max Verstappen world champion if …

– He finishes ahead of Lewis Hamilton regardless of his position at the finish.

– The two pilots do not finish the race or do not finish in the points. Because in the event of a tie, the driver who has won the most victories during the season will be crowned. And Verstappen has nine wins this year compared to Hamilton’s eight.

– He finishes at the 10e place with the point of the fastest lap in the race, and that Lewis Hamilton finishes best in 9e square. The two drivers would still have the same number of points, but Verstappen will be crowned for the same reasons mentioned above.

Lewis Hamilton world champion if …

– He finished in one of the first ten places and Max Verstappen did not register a single point.

– He finished in one of the first eight places ahead of Max Verstappen.

– He ends at 9e place and Max Verstappen finished at the 10e place without the point of the best lap in the race.

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