Monday, January 17

Haute-Saône. Young man found dead: 18-year-old woman indicted for intentional homicide

An 18-year-old young woman was indicted for intentional homicide after the death of Théo Decouchant, 23.

According to our colleagues from Republican East, the young woman acknowledged her involvement in the death of this inhabitant of Besançon (Doubs) who had disappeared during the night of November 29 to 30 after spending the night with this young woman, whom he had recently known.

Buying jewelry and traveling to Bordeaux

On the evening of November 29, Théo Decouchant was therefore at home. According to the young woman, around 4 am, while she was asleep, she would have been touched by him.

“She would have kicked him in the face to push him away and took refuge in the kitchen.” He would have followed her and lavished new touches. This would have led Madame to take a kitchen knife and strike her in the stomach (not fatal), ”said the public prosecutor of Besançon, Étienne Manteaux.

“The young man, on the ground, allegedly made threats against him. This is what would have led him to take a string from one of his dresses, to stand behind him and strangle her. Fearing he would wake up, she would then tie his hands behind his back, ”the prosecutor continued.

Around 7 am, she then sent an SMS on the phone of the young man, probably in the hope of deceiving the investigators: “Work well, thank you for yesterday it was really good”.

She then went out with the young man’s car and his credit card to buy jewelry in a shopping center. Then, she withdrew 600 euros with the young man’s credit card and went to Bordeaux with her car, although she did not have the license. There she spent two days with a 27-year-old man.

She then went up to Haute-Saône via Dijon, where one of her ex changed the plates of Théo Decouchant’s car at the young woman’s request.

“It was my pigeon”

The next day, she attended a ball and bought garbage bags and duct tape. On December 5, she spent the night with another man and was involved in a car accident with Théo Decouchant’s vehicle, who was still wanted.

The young woman was finally arrested on December 6.

According to Etienne Manteaux, the young woman actually needed money because she wanted to go to Bordeaux and could not find funds. “During her hearings, she will say that Mr. Decouchant was her“ pigeon ”. That’s the term she used. That she wanted to get money, but she refutes her intention to kill him ”.

The body of Théo Decouchant was finally found in the young woman’s home, in Oiselay-et-Grachaux, Haute-Saône, on December 6, wrapped in a garbage bag and with his hands tied. He died of strangulation.

The young woman was imprisoned.

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