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Insulation can be tough. Here are six tips that may help.

  • Konstanse Fjellvang

    19 years

What in the world are you going to invent when you are in isolation? Konstanse Fjellvang (19) comes up with some good advice.

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Like everyone else, I have been afraid of being infected with the coronavirus. But I have not been afraid of getting sick. I have been afraid of ending up in isolation.

Humans are simply not made for isolation. Nevertheless, I experience that those who speak in the news, refer to isolation as an everyday decent people should cope just fine on their own.

We know all kinds of details about how to isolate ourselves. But what about the psyche of people while they are isolated? Where has the focus been on what is closest to our nature, namely to make sure that others are well?

This is a call to all who have power. You know who you are. Write and talk more about insulation. Give advice and help people through it.

No, some days of isolation are far from the end of the world. But for some, it can feel infinitely heavy. There are no mysterious psychological tricks that are needed to make it easier.

I am lucky

At the time of writing, I have been in isolation for four days. I’m sitting in a room at a folk high school and I’m fine.

I have my accordion here, my yoga mat and an issue of Illustrated Science. I’m lucky because I have not become very ill, and I know how to deal with this.

Therefore, I will give some tips to you who are also in isolation, with the proviso that you are in good shape.

That says a bit about the situation when the only advice you get comes from a 19-year-old accordionist at folk high school. But give me a chance.

Sex tips:

1. Take care of your sleeping and eating habits. Eat at regular times, go to bed at a reasonable time, and get enough sleep. Then the days will not be so fluid.

2. Find out what is good for you. I’ve found that I need a brain teaser. Therefore, got hold of a book with IQ exercises. Dance, be physically active, read a book, or do something for someone you love. It may feel pointless, but your head and body will thank you.

3. Call or talk to someone over Facetime. If you find it difficult to call yourself, ask someone if they can call you once in a while in the days ahead.

Dare to be a nuisance. Do not be afraid to ask someone if they can shop for you or get something for you.

5. Take one day at a time. Five or seven days can seem overwhelmingly long. One day, on the other hand, goes fast. If you think one day is long, you can focus on the next hour.

6. Last but not least: Ask for help when you need it. If there is a bit of chaos in your head or you feel a lot down, then you can talk to someone about it. It does not have to be very bad for you to be able to ask for help. This does not last forever and you will be out soon!

Get well. I am cheering for you!

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