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Reassuring after her stroke, Jane Birkin shares bad news

Jane Birkin gave her news this Wednesday, December 8 at RTL’s microphone. Reassuring about her state of health, the artist however shared a new twist of fate. She lost all of her new songs.

Victim of a stroke last August, the 74-year-old artist returned to this sad episode on Wednesday and shared optimistic news. “It’s going very very well”, explained the interpreter of “I love you me neither”, considering “to have been very lucky”. “I believe that I had a light stroke (…) I saw others who were much less lucky”, shared the singer before returning on what she lived.

“I was with a friend who found that I spoke strangely, she saw immediately that something was wrong”, specified the artist, returning in detail on the day which preceded his stroke. “I had a terrible headache the day before when I was promoting the Charlotte movie but that’s it. Moreover in the evening, before having had this thing, I sang the concert that Etienne conceived for me ”explained Jane Birkin, admitted on August 29 to the University Hospital of Nantes.

After three months of convalescence, which she considered as a “break time”, Jane Birkin is moving forward since she will be back on stage on January 8 and has already taken up the pen.

New songs in nature

Except that Jane Birkin is playing bad luck. The artist who explained to have written new songs confided to the microphone to have lost the bag which contained them.

“I lost my bag a week ago. And the things I wrote down was in my diary. It was in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. I left all the songs I had written even the ones I wrote for Etienne Daho. Everything is in this damn bag “explains the artist who has portrayed the latter in great detail:” a bag with a fabric like for potatoes with the name of the Humphris grocery store “. And to conclude “So if anyone finds it, tell me”. The call is launched.

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