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Terrorism. They wanted to kill passers-by at random: what we know about the foiled attack plan

Two 23-year-old men were arrested in Meaux (Seine-et-Marne) and Pecq (Yvelines) on November 29 by the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI), after information indicating an imminent attack.

On Friday, they were indicted and remanded in custody for a “serious and imminent” knife attack plan. At the end of their custody, they were indicted on December 3 for “criminal terrorist association” and imprisoned, added the judicial source. “At least one of the two had a plan to take action by the end of the year,” said a source familiar with the matter.

A knife attack in the street

By the admission of one of the two suspects, the killing was to be part of the permanent recommendations dictated by the propaganda of the organization Islamic State (IS), which the duo would claim, relates The Parisian. Recommendations according to which any partisan is called upon to spill blood in Western and enemy countries with any rudimentary means.

“After several discussions on the modus operandi, they decided to commit a knife attack in the street on civilians and to die as a martyr by being killed by the police”, confides a source familiar with the matter. It was a collaborative project for two, unlike previous projects which emanated from “more isolated individuals”.

Attacking “disbelievers” at random

According to information from Le Parisien, the two men were planning to attack “miscreants” at random in shopping centers, including one “known in the Paris region”, universities or in the street. During the searches, a knife, telephones and computers were seized, in which an abundance of documentation was found.

A suspect already convicted of terrorism

The two men got to know each other on social networks and then met physically, according to the close source. According to the Terrorism Analysis Center, one of the two individuals involved in this proposed Christmas knife attack, El Houssein K., was sentenced in 2019 to 4 years’ imprisonment, 18 of which was closed by the court. children.

He was already considering a knife attack. At the time, he was being prosecuted for his participation in Telegram channels in which Ines Madani participated, convicted of an attempted car bomb near Notre-Dame de Paris in September 2016.

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This is the fourth jihadist-inspired violent action project foiled by the DGSI since the start of 2021, a sign that this terrorist threat remains very real in France. At the same time, many nets have also been operated in ultra-right circles in recent weeks.

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