Monday, January 17

The remains of a student who disappeared in 1976 found

The remains of American Kyle Clinkscales, a student from LaGrange, Georgia, were found with his car – a 1974 Ford Pinto -, his wallet and his ID card in a lake in Alabama. He had disappeared on the night of January 27, 1976 at the age of 22 and had never given any sign of life until then.

Auburn University student Kyle Clinkscales was heading to campus on the night of the drama.

According to Sheriff James Woodruff, who gave a press conference last Wednesday, the day after the discovery, they had been looking for the student and his car for forty-five years.

He explained that the police “followed a hundred tracks without convincing results”, adding that the latter even went so far as to “empty lakes” in order to find the young man.

An anonymous call changed everything

To put it another way, LaGrange is located north of Columbus, in western Georgia, about twenty kilometers from Alabama. Last Tuesday, an anonymous person called the police after seeing a car submerged in a lake.

Once the police were there, Major Terry Wood and his men saw the rear of Fort Pinto floating, which allowed the victim to be identified. The safe was open, according to the authorities.

“The bones found in the car are human remains. We called in the investigation office to find out their numbers and to validate one hundred percent the identification of Kyle Clinkscales. ” The student’s parents both died before seeing their son’s remains: his father in 2007, his mother at the start of the year. He was an only child.

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