Monday, January 17

– These Argentine bubbles have a creamy mouthfeel and a nice price.

Are you out of social training? Here are the bubbles that lift both small and large gatherings.

I’m out of training. After such a long time of restrictions and shutdowns, I think most of us feel a kind of social numbness. But exactly how bad it was, first dawned on me last week. Suddenly I had an unexpected free night. My husband kindly eased me out the door and said: Enjoy!

Then I stood there, then. Looked out at the other people who were also wrapped in bubble jackets. How did you actually do that? Just going to a bar? Talking to people outside your own cohort? Honestly – I have not invited anyone to dinner for as long as I can remember.

And that’s not how we can actually have it. Life is too short. Man for social. Now it’s full sharpening. I’m going to party! Here are the wines you need for Christmas Eve and New Year, eating or dancing, for high or low budget.

We start with an aperitif

As guests arrive, you are ready with a summery taste in the glass. Sniff, and feel the scent of rhubarb and wild strawberries. Is not it delicious? Note that I have selected two options, both with and without alcohol. Can we not take it for granted that those who choose to abstain from alcohol, also get really good flavors in the glass? I get embarrassed when I hear people pushing and pushing those who say no thank you. You do not need to know why, just make sure you have a good non-alcoholic alternative on the keel. Norwegian Balholm has something in common with Danish Andersen Winery. They manage to preserve the authentic, Nordic taste of rhubarb. Sour and sweet at the same time.

  • See Ingvild Tennfjord’s wine recommendations further down in the case.

The next couple out, are bubbles from land that I know go under the radar for many of you. Let’s start with affordable Bousquet. When I went through the selection of bubbles under 150 kroner, I found a lot of squeaks. Sparkling that smells of bubble wrap and smurf drops? You do not need it now. But these Argentine bubbles have a creamy mouthfeel and a nice price. Thus, you have time to pop more corks before the budget is emptied.

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