Wednesday, January 26

Calais: an investigation opened after a military vehicle skidded in front of a migrant camp

The scene is mind-boggling. Between drifts and bursts of speed, a car transporting soldiers was lamentably illustrated on a wasteland in Calais, facing a migrant camp.

On photos and videos published this Sunday, December 19 on Twitter by journalist Louis Witter, we can see an Army 4X4 making arabesques in reverse in a muddy field, located at the exit of Calais.

The vehicle dedicated to the “Vigipirate mission traffic” in particular drove at full speed into a puddle near a migrant camp, thus causing sprays of water in its path.

Some exiles whistle the show before watching the car get stuck in the mud.

“The soldiers left the vehicle with their weapons while waiting for someone to help them out,” said Louis Witter. Stuck halfway through the door, the brown car was finally cleared by a military truck, helped by migrants.

An “inadmissible scene”

“Unacceptable scene. A command investigation is triggered immediately, ”the Army said indignantly on its Twitter account. In a press release, the army staff also denounced the “totally inappropriate behavior” of the driver. The patrol vehicle fulfilled a surveillance mission as part of Operation Sentinel in the Calais area.

If the sanctions will be decided after having established the responsibility for the facts, the scene did not fail to react strongly on the web.

Association Auberge des Migrants, who works with refugees from Hauts-de-France, published a post, to say the least sarcastic, calling the affair a “French remake of Fast & Furious”.

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