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Dark after the World Cup gold: – Glad I did not give up

GRANOLLERS / VG (VG) (France – Norway 22–29) There was a loss against France in the World Cup final in 2017. Since then, Nora Mørk (30) has been through several knee surgeries, but the reward came when France was swept off the field in the second the round in this year’s World Cup final.

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Throughout his career, Mørk has experienced a number of setbacks due to knee injuries. After making her championship debut with gold in the European Championships in 2010, she did not participate in the World Cup in 2011 or the Olympics and European Championships in 2012 due to jumpers knee.

After the World Cup silver in 2017, a meniscus operation meant that she missed the European Championships in 2018 and a cruciate ligament injury meant that she was not in the World Cup the following year.

In 2020, she was back in a championship with gold in the European Championships. Earlier this year, Mørk, who has undergone ten knee surgeries during her career, feared a new knee injury when she limped off the field in a Champions League match against Rostov, but Mørk escaped without a serious injury. During 2021, she has been involved in winning the Champions League with the Vipers, taking bronze in the Olympics and now gold in the World Cup.

– What does it mean for you personally to be able to stand here and be part of this?

– I am very, very happy and happy. I really appreciate that. I’m glad I did not give up. This is the reward for the effort, and it is very, very fun, says Mørk to VG.

Mørk became Norway’s top scorer in the championship with 43 goals, of which 18 of them came on penalties. In the final, Mørk scored five goals, and despite the fact that Norway was mostly behind by six goals, she herself was calm.

– What went through your mind when you went in for a break?

– I was actually quite calm. I thought that only we can do something about it. We must continue to fight, bite and catch them. We manage that, and then we play fantastic attacking handball after a while. It was a game for the history books.

– Is this the sickest pick-up you have been involved in in such an important match?

– Yes absolutely. But at the same time I was so calm. There was no frustration or anger. I just felt completely calm. Not that it should work, but that we should do the best we can, says Mørk.

Goalkeeper Silje Solberg stood out as the match’s big player in the second half, and believes Norway got the mental advantage in the second half.

I think it’s a lot about experience. Four goals in handball is not so much. We can turn it around quickly. We had faith in ourselves, and that’s the most important thing.

– In the first round, we make simple mistakes. We throw away many simple balls, and have high shoulders. We knew what we had to do to get better, and we did it, says Camilla Herrem.


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