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Only one player achieved this triumph: Most valuable in the World Cup

GRANOLLERS (Aftenposten): Norway’s best line player came late, but well in his career. Kari Brattset Dale not only joined the World Cup All star team, but she was named the most valuable player.

Kari Brattset Dale. What a guy.

Together with Henny Reistad and Nora Mørk, she came on the most generous team. It was announced after the players had bathed in gold. When the gang met the press, they had gold and glitter in their hair. Here is the best team:

Keeper: Sandra Toft, Denmark
Left: Coralie Lassource, France
Left back: Henny Reistad, Norway
Midtback: Grace Zaadi Deuna, Frankrike
Right back: Nora Mørk, Norway
Right: Carmen Dolores Martin Berenguer, Spain
Line: Paulette Foppa, France
Most valuable player: Kari Brattset Dale, Norway.

Østfoldingen Dale is the security itself in attack and a defensive bauta. In 2016, she made her debut on the national team, but only in the World Cup in 2017 did she make her championship debut. Later it has been both Olympic bronze and European Championship gold. Now she could hang the generous World Cup gold around her neck. and in meeting with the press later, she was highly sought after.

In the last match, as in so many during the World Cup, she reigned in the middle together with championship debutant Maren Aardahl.

Gold and glitter after the victory was in the box.

Have found a good pair

Many years of coach Frode Kyvåg is among those who highlighted the work of Dale, which he believes is solid. He also highlights Aardahl, who was new to this particular game before leaving Spain.

– Aardahl has come in like a whirlwind. She shows in this final that we have again found a world-class pair. The job she did together with Dale was fantastic and put the finishing touches on the work after a rock-solid World Cup. This was absolutely crucial in an incredible turnaround operation where Norway conceded six goals in the second half.

He also highlights Henny Reistad who strengthened Kyvåg’s expectations of a 22-year-old who he believes Norway should build the team around for the next ten years.

In attack, she is safe, right here alone without caretakers.

Input of high cluster

Kari Brattset Dale has received good help from teammates when she has been in attack. Nora Mørk and Stine Bredal Oftedal have lined her up with ingenious passes on the line, and then she has shaken off her passers-by. She almost never misses or shoots outside. The 30-year-old is often caught and provides penalties to his team. Only for short periods does she get relief. Vilde Ingstad is also a hard house on the line, and Maren Aardahl can well be a replacement.

In the Olympics, it was Mørk and Katrine Lunde who joined the All star team. Now Norway was there with three, just like in the European Championships a year ago. At that time, Stine Bredal Oftedal, Nora Mørk and Camila Herrem got a place in this generous company.

in this World Cup, Mørk showed greatness in many of the matches and became the Norwegian top scorer with 43 goals, 18 of them on penalties. Dale fixed 38, like Brattset Ristad.

What is so impressive about Dale, who plays in Györ on a daily basis, is that she scored on 83 percent of the finishes. It is strong at this level.

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