Monday, January 17

Psychologist: This year, young people most of all want a break for Christmas

In a world that feels abnormal and unpredictable, young people need Christmas to feel as normal as possible. Here are some tips.

A new possible closure was the last thing in the world the young people wanted for Christmas, writes Lars Halse Kneppe, who is a psychologist at several upper secondary schools in Oslo.

This week I have met many desperate young people in the schools. A new possible closure was the last thing the young people wanted for Christmas. Many are angry, others most desperate, but common to most is that they are incredibly tired.

Every day I meet young people who say that it just feels hopeless, and that the pandemic will never go away. The abnormal has lasted so long that it has become normal. For many, it has defined their entire adolescence, and I often meet young people who have given up a normal adolescence.

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