Tuesday, January 18

Savoy. Fall of a teenager in a college in Chambéry: the prosecutor refutes the thesis of aggression

The facts occurred on Wednesday in the private Catholic college of Rocher de Chambéry (Savoie). A student of Cameroonian origin seriously injured her face when she fell in the yard. His mother has since denounced an assault. In a text that has gone viral on the internet, she writes that “since the start of the school year”, her daughter “has been subjected to racist and even physical verbal violence” which is believed to be the cause of the fall and her injuries. She filed a complaint.

A version that “firmly” refutes the prosecutor of Chambéry, Pierre-Yves Michau. According to the investigation, the student was late when the bell rang the end of recess; she fell on a bench and then to the ground. She was “immediately” taken care of by the emergency services, adds the magistrate. According to “several testimonies”, the teenager was at that time “alone” where she was in the courtyard, he told AFP.

The principal of the college threatened with death

The case ignites social networks and causes a lot of concern among the authorities. The personal address of the director of the college was released and he was placed under police protection because of death threats “in number”, according to his lawyer, Me Pierre Perez.

The mother launched a kitty on the Leetchi platform, hoping to collect 30,000 euros to “pay the fees and expenses not covered”. A petition on the change.org site also collected nearly 17,000 signatures.

Personalities have also sided with the student, such as Cyril Hanouna who described the story, on Twitter, as “just inadmissible”: “From the start (after the Christmas school holidays, editor’s note), we will do the maximum to try to make things happen, we will not let go of her and her family! “, Promised the host of the C8 channel.

According to the lawyer for the director of the college, there were “200 people in the yard” at the time of the fall, no one mentioned a possible fight. On the side of National Education, the chief of staff of the rector of the academy, Samuel Vitel, says he is “worried, as much for the young girl as for the educational team”: “the runaway is for the benefit of nobody, we want to take the pressure off for everyone. “


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